Is your organization compliant  with the federal Plain Writing Law of 2010?

The Team

Deerpath assigns specialists whose education and experience allow them to apply best practices for the organization they support.  If your requirement is a style guide, operating procedures manual, or internal training program, we will ensure your  documents and training will meet or exceed "best in class" standards.

About Our Company

Deerpath improves written and other communications in today's high-tech, globally oriented economy.  Our approach integrates three perspectives: 

Human Skills:  From safe email practices to improving workplace literacies, we focus on ensuring human skills grow along with technical capabilities.  

Programs and Corporate Cultures: With experience directing two of the world's largest professional communications skills programs - the U.S. Army's and University of Maryland University College's - we have unmatched experience in building professional communications environments.

Technology:  Our Document Development Process Improvement approach is designed to ensure people and machines learn and communicate as a team.   

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